Landscaping Shrubs and Trees for Privacy and curb appeal

Our shrub and tree selection is complete with award-winning plants that will show well in your landscape. Our staff will be able to show you early spring, summer, and fall coloring plants. Most shrubs are in 3-gallon pots.

Outdoor Landscape designs in southeastern PA is the perfect place to include shrubs in your homes outdoor space. Shrubs are a low maintenance option for surrounding walkways, yards, and patio areas. Evergreen shrubs will even stay green all year long! This easy to care for option is a great way to spruce up your outdoor living space without breaking the bank.

Outdoor landscapes can be built around a layout of shrubs and trees. Boxwood shrubs are great low maintenance evergreen shrubs that set a good backdrop for a flower bed or walking path. Shrubs and trees are a great way to create bursts of color throughout the year as well. Use Lilacs for fragrant spring blooms, crepe Myrtle for long term summer color, and blazing bush for a burst of color in the fall. You can also use shrubs to attract wildlife like a butterfly bush or shrubs with berries. We also carry a number of deer resistant shrubs for homes that want to keep animals out.

The shrub gallery below is just a sample of the plants we tend to carry during the growing season.  Contact Floral & Hardy at 610-584-0797 to learn more about these beautiful shrubs.