Birthday and Thor!

birthday and thor!

hi there, my name is basil and I’m a cat.  not a plain run of the mill cat.  nope, I’m the top cat at floral & hardy of skippack.  I rule the roost at the garden center.  from directing traffic, to placing orders, to greeting guests, to sleeping anywhere I want; I rule the roost.   

this is me ordering plants

this is me ordering plants

I just celebrated my 4 ½ birthday on January 5th and I’m giving away a $250 gift basket in honor of my bday.  come in and enter to win.  it’s full of fun cat loving stuff and a $50 gift card to f&h. 


i'm giving this away

i’m giving this away

the other day as I was strutting out back I noticed a huge bird resting on top of our shed.  Intrigued I scampered up the west side of the shed and approached the beast from his back.  gently I knocked on his wing and introduced myself as basil the cat and politely told him that I own this shed.  the large raptor-like creature opened his wings as if to scare me and barked back, “beat it loser or I’ll have you for lunch”.   that didn’t play well with me so I decided to show thor a thing or two.  I leaped on top of his head and dug my claws firmly into thor’s scalp.   nothing happened.  the animal acted as if nothing was perched on top of his head.  he continued staring into the cold distance looking for dinner.    I jumped off and approached him face to face.  “Oh, you still here?” the giant flyboy bellowed at my face.   I was still there.  I couldn’t leave.  the size of this monster amazed me.  almost as big as the big guy in the shop, but with wings.   I decided to play it cool and leave the giant fly alone.  but we’ve kept an eye on each other and someday I’ll just might ….

so people of the world please have fun, stay cool, and don’t forget to drink your water.  basil out!