Birthday and Thor!

birthday and thor!

hi there, my name is basil and I’m a cat.  not a plain run of the mill cat.  nope, I’m the top cat at floral & hardy of skippack.  I rule the roost at the garden center.  from directing traffic, to placing orders, to greeting guests, to sleeping anywhere I want; I rule the roost.   

this is me ordering plants

this is me ordering plants

I just celebrated my 4 ½ birthday on January 5th and I’m giving away a $250 gift basket in honor of my bday.  come in and enter to win.  it’s full of fun cat loving stuff and a $50 gift card to f&h. 


i'm giving this away

i’m giving this away

the other day as I was strutting out back I noticed a huge bird resting on top of our shed.  Intrigued I scampered up the west side of the shed and approached the beast from his back.  gently I knocked on his wing and introduced myself as basil the cat and politely told him that I own this shed.  the large raptor-like creature opened his wings as if to scare me and barked back, “beat it loser or I’ll have you for lunch”.   that didn’t play well with me so I decided to show thor a thing or two.  I leaped on top of his head and dug my claws firmly into thor’s scalp.   nothing happened.  the animal acted as if nothing was perched on top of his head.  he continued staring into the cold distance looking for dinner.    I jumped off and approached him face to face.  “Oh, you still here?” the giant flyboy bellowed at my face.   I was still there.  I couldn’t leave.  the size of this monster amazed me.  almost as big as the big guy in the shop, but with wings.   I decided to play it cool and leave the giant fly alone.  but we’ve kept an eye on each other and someday I’ll just might ….

so people of the world please have fun, stay cool, and don’t forget to drink your water.  basil out!

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Black Friday and More…

IMG_0973hello friends, this is basil the cat.  i’m the resident feline at floral & hardy and as most of you know the main attraction.    next time you’re in please stop by my perch and say hello.  i won’t bite.  

anyway, we have a huge amount of things going on at the center and at our new sister store ‘blossom’.  to start off we have great black Friday offers on all our tv sets and home sound systems.  most will be gone before 9am on black Friday so do come early.  also on black Friday we celebrate the lighting of the giant Christmas Tree outside our building.  this year i’ll be hoisted to the very top of the tree to light it up around 7 pm on the 28th.  by the way, blossom our new shop is located under the tree in the big yellow building.  say hi to catherine, amy, michelle, lisa, and kelley.   blossom is the town’s most trendy shop with cool things for you, your home, and your friends.  it’s getting rave reviews in the press so stop in.  

on Saturday the 29th we participate in Small Business Saturday.  this great event is aimed at helping small shops during the holiday season.  we’ll have specials gifts bags for the first several customers at both floral & hardy and at blossom.  in addition, each shop will have SBS specials all day long.   


Christmas Tree Centerpiece – Dec 11 or 13 – each at 10:00 am

in December we really get cracking with workshops for adults and kids.  for the adults we have winter container workshops where everyone will make a big container display for their front door.   this is a huge favorite each year.  sign up for this event and all events on the event page of our site.  

New this year is our Christmas Tree Centerpiece.  you’ll make a 20″ tree out of fresh greens and then adorn it with lots of goodies.


Kids Holiday Mugs – December 7th 2:00 pm


on the 7th the kids will make holiday mugs; perfect for a teacher’s gift or a gift for grandma.  





yes, my friends, the big guy has us all working overtime for the holidays.  and he’s not even here.  he hurt is back and is taking it easy at home. lucky him.  maybe not.   so please stop in, shake by paw, fill your car with greens and visit blossom.  

make it a day at floral & Hardy and blossom.   be good and don’t forget to drink your water.  basil out. 


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Lindsey’s Last Day

10505331_923701637645598_5737623467192067762_nToday was clean up day at Floral & Hardy and also Lindsey’s last day. She’s off to college and to conquer the world. Lindsey, thanks for all your hard work here at F&H. Your plant container creations were fantastic. Good luck this semester!

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